The Magnetic South – Bio

Singer/guitarist John Sperger and bassist Steve Giles formed Los Angeles based progressive rock band The Magnetic South in 2015 over a shared love of long-form, heavy and atmospheric music. Their epic debut album Sea Level (released September 1, 2017) is a fearlessly dynamic exploration of the darkest heart of the human condition. Huge riffs are contrasted with ambient dreamscapes as the narrative journeys from lofty, pristine privilege down into the darkest depths of intense loss and impossible despair. Look for TMS playing live starting in early 2018!!

Sea Level was recorded at multiple private studios in Los Angeles and mixed/mastered by Doug Heffernan at Guest Room Studios, also in LA. The recording process was a tricky one, beginning with an elaborate pre- production process that involved a handful of cool riffs, a poem, a white board, some spread sheets and a serious desire to see it to completion. John and Steve slowly tracking all the parts and textures then enlisted Heffernan to program drums and then start the process of mixing the densely layered tracks. Persistence paid off as the final results exceeded everyone’s expectations. The band is influenced by heavy progressive bands like Porcupine Tree, Tool, Steven Wilson and Elder, as well as more intimate (and often quiet) artists like Elliot Smith and Death Cab for Cutie.

The Magnetic South has found their sonic niche by really striving for huge dynamic shifts. Dreamy, quiet and atmospheric one minute, then huge, heavy, stomping riffs the next. Patient, long-form arrangements and a complete lack of pandering are also part of the musical mission statement that makes TMS a singular voice.


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